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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

US Citizen arrested At Karachi Airport Is FBI Agent

The Pakistan government, not the public, which is slave of the Western powers, issues visas and give permission to Black water and some times CIA agents like Remand Davis and now FBI agent is in Pakistan. The identification is revealed only when the media comes to know the truth or news comes on electronic media. If this agent had no ammunition and bullets openly in his possession then he would have reached to his destination. US citizen Joel was arrested by security forces at Karachi airport for carrying bullets on May 5. Joel is currently in police custody for four-day remand on account of anti-terrorism charges that prohibits carrying arms and ammunition on a commercial flight. US authorities have urged Pakistan not to reveal agent's personal details due to obvious reasons. According to US official, the agent was in Pakistan to assist government in investigation of a corruption case (though it is total a lie, if not then a government that can not investigate a corruption case, what would he do for the welfare and betterment of its people?). The US citizen Joel Cox Eugene was caught with 15 bullets of 9 mm calibre by airport security force. He was supposed to go to Islamabad via PIA flight PK 305. How te US make the people of Pakistan fool, and government is 'yes man' to its master. For a simple corruption case trained FBI agent was "imported" from USA? Woh! an unbelievable gossip!

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