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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chaudhary Nisar's Most Appropriate Answer To Narendra Modi

The expected prime minister of India of Hindu extremist party BJP and the killer of hundreds of Muslims in Gujrat is the person who would destabilise the peace of the region. He talks always in terms of war and gun and attacking Pakistan with nuclear weapons. He is the the man of real Hindu mentality who never admit the reality of Pakistan and think of eliminating it from the surface of the earth. Does he think that after attacking Pakistan with atom bomb Delhi can be safe or the countries who have common borders will exist on earth. Chaudhary Nisar has rightly said Modi should leave the dream of scaring Pakistan and avoid 'non-sense' blames a Pakistan about Daud Ibrahim. The present government should also revise its friendship and business policy with India. Never think of making India a most favourite nation. Nisar said Pakistan will answer Modi in the tune and language he uses against Pakistan. This is first bold statement by any high profile personality of Pakistan. I think present government is coming out of dreams of India's closeness and making sensible decisions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Former International French Footballer Embraces Islam

A former international foot ball player who currently coaches Algerian Premier League's Laghouart club has embrased Islam, announcing his decision during last Friday prayer. In a surprise move, Francois Bracci who has built a track record at Olympique de Marseille and Strasbourg announced the Shahada (declaration of Faith), Algerian information reported. According to media reports the news has caused great joy among the young people who have congratulated the new Muslim. Bracci has been coaching soccer teams in the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia since 2003. The 63-years-old says he has been learning about Islam and its teachings during these years in three Muslim countries. Following an extensive study about religion, he embraced Islam. Bracci is not the first football coach to revert to Islam while coaching in Algeria. Previously, Kasr Al Hiran, Christian manager of Algeria's Shabab football team had converted to Islam.

An American Oldman Sets World Record By Growing 27 Kg Cabbage

A 69-year American elderly men set an example for all the old people who leave all the life activities and lie on bed; by growing a cabbage fruit weighing 27 kilogram. A resident of American New Jersy 69-year-old Peter Glaner Brooke planted vegetables in his orchard and set world record when he got a cabbage heavier than ever grown in the field. The cabbage fruit which is 6 feet wide weighs 20 times higher than common cabbage available in the market. It is noteworthy that Peter has also made world record by growing the heaviest onion and potato in his orchard.

Sunny Leone Upset Over 'Fake' Pictures, Dismisses Video as 'Lies'

Over the weekend the social media was abuzz with pictures and video clips of Sunny Leone allegedly striping at a private party on April 18.
A message was also circulating along with the clip that actress charged Rs 40 lakh for the event. Leone is furious and so is her husband Danielle Webber, who also manages Sunny's Bollywood career. "Why would we do such a things, there is no truth at all" angry Webber said. The ex-adult star's past, it seems would keep her visiting. The hoax viral video furnished pictures as 'proof' that Sunny had performed a striptease at the party. Ever since she arrived in Bollywood with her debute "Jism 2" Sunny has been trying hard to move away from her past image as adult movie star.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Cellular Companies Are Designing Worthy Packages To Sell 3 G Technology To Customers

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has distributed 3G and 4G licenses to various cellular service providers in Pakistan. Now these companies are busy in designing worthy package to sell 3 G technology to the customers, just like they advertise sms deals, internet packages or per minute calling rates. The obvious process is to make package first for 3 G technology and then produce TVC around it. According to various blogs and websites the Ufone 3 G package has been leaked. Apparently, there are three different versions of 3 G package by Ufone with varying costs and other details. Some bloggers have claimed it scam while other think that Ufone itself has released these three packages to gauge public's response. However, it should be kept in mind that packages are yet valid at all as Ufone has yet to acquire a license from PTA by paying fee for 5 MHz spectrum before it could go public with any kind of 3 G package or ad.

George Clooney And Amal Alamud Din Got Engaged

A source close to the couple confirmed to the People magazine that Amal and Clooney are engaged. George Clooney is Oscar winner while Amal is British Muslim female barrister and is the human rights activist. Amal is also the legal advisor to Wiki Leaks founder Julian Asange. Amal can speak Arabic and French fluently. They were engaged in Los Angeles. George had married to Talia Bal Sam in 1989 but were divorced in 1993. Clooney had vowed to never repeat his marital vows but this new lady in his life may have changed his playboy ways.

Media Committed a Blunder Of Taking Gen Raheel For Gen Kiani

The situation is quite changing in the confrontation of media and armed forces, it did not remain the clash between these two institutions but it became the war of masses. Thousands of people have boycotted the channel and quit reading the newspaper of this group. An old man from Rawalpindi called cable operator that if he a glimpse of this channel on his TV he will kill him. Several businessmen and landlords who have been the reader of "the Daily Jang" for the last six decades have left reading this newspaper. It is astonishing because newspapers and news channels get one so habitual to it like cigarette brands that it is not easy to quit them. The other important thing is that the four famous columnists and writers of this paper have refused to support the administration of this organisation. The analyst say that the media group got grass misconception, committed a serious blunder and made wrong decisions in estimating the power of its rival that is more loved one by people than its channel or paper. They took Pak army a business or social institution that they could crush. They took Gen Raheel like Gen Kiani who could tolerate criticism to a greater extent, though gen Raheel is a tolerant person and can avoid confrontation to last limits but if the other side denies to listen to any argument then he can turn the sky down. The blaze Khawaja Asif and Saad Rafique had ignited had not extinguished yet that this incident took place. This media also could not estimate the reaction of other newspapers and channels due to thinking of maintaining monopoly in the field of journalism. Quite a large section of media considers this specific media group the agent of enemy country and it has proved itself. No TV channel or newspaper of any country go to this extent against its armed forces to which this group extended its hands. Now it has neither the support of common man nor its own reporters and staff members. Jang and Geo must be banned -- it is only slogan of masses.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

French Woman Stopped From Boarding NEw York Flight Due To Wrongly Pronounced Her Name As Al-Qaeda

A young French lady who was prevented from boarding flight for New York this week said she had been blacklisted by the United States because her name, if wrongly pronounced sounds like Al-Qaeda. Aida Alic, 33, arrived at Geneva airport on Wednesday with her husband and two children to set out on a US holiday was told by Swiss airline that they had received notice from US border authorities that she was barred from entering the country. Ms Alic said that she later searched US official travel sites to find out why she was stopped and came to the conclusion it was due to her name which on her passport is written with her surname first resulting in Alic Aida. Ms Alic was born in Bosnia but now is French citizen. Ms Alic who had painted her finger nails in colour of US flag ahead of her planned US trip, say she plans to persist in her enquiries with US authorities to find out why she has been banned. The United States, the Super power is so scared of Al-Qaeda that ant person with the name Osama can not enter USA. Al Qaeda and its fear disturbs the sleeps of US administration.

100 Most Influential People In 2014

Time Magazine announced its 2014 list of 100 most influential people around the world on Thursday. Times chooses 100 people who had remarkable influence during the past year. The list does nor necessarily agree or disagree with the kind of influence these people have affected the world with. Beyonce, one of 41 women chosen on the list, was honoured to be on the cover of the issue, which sets a new record for the number of females featured on this year's list. Time honoured persons in the fields of activism, arts, business, government, religion, sports and science. Five prominent names of different categories are as follows:- *-- The Titans:- - Boyonce - Pony Ma - Jannet Yellen - Sheika Al- mayassa Bin Hammad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani - Serena Williams *-- Pioneers:-- - Jason Collins - Natalie Massenet - Hussain Rahman - Imam Omar Kobine Layama, Archbishop Dieudonne and The Rev Nicolas - Katharine Hayhoe *-- Artists:-- - Benedict Cumberbatch - Seth Meyers - Kerry Washington - Amy Adams - Diane Paulus - Miley Cyrus - Leaders:-- - Marry Barra - John Kerry - Vladimir Putin - Hassan Rouhani - Narendra Modi *-- Icons:-- - Robert Redford - pope Francis - Malala Yousuzai - Charlie Rose - Dona Tartt - Carl Icahn

Friday, April 25, 2014

Musharraf Will Leave For Dubai In Second Week Of May

Former president Parvez Musharraf is expected to leave for Dubai during second week of May. Preparations for his reception in Dubai are under way. His 25 Down Town Residences in Dubai is being renovaated and decorated. Former president's mother and wife are already in Dubai while his daughter Aila Musharraf who was in Karachi few days back has left for Dubai. Sources say that Dubai community who is in Musharraf's party will warmly welcome and receive him in Dubai. Colonel Sher Ali who is incharge of security of Musharraf in Dubai is in Bangkok now a day will reach Dubai during first week of May.

Is Not Geo Channel A Substitute For Zee TV (Indian Channel) ?

Senior journalist and renowned anchorperson Hamid Mir released his first formal statement on Thursday; affirms his brother's last statement declaring Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) responsible for attack over him in Karachi. Mir's statement was conveyed by his brother Amir Mir again during a press conference in the premises of private hospital and surprisingly broadcasted only on Geo News. The journalist seemed firm declaring ISI responsible for attack on him while moving from Karachi airport. He aimed to reveal more details and background factors of all factors in an appropriate time. Mir condemned blockage of Geo News channel in various parts of the country via usage of power by government and state departments. Serious security concerns for his brother and family members were expressed in the statement imposing all the responsibilities on current government and administration, if they got affected. Brother of victim Aamir Mir used the title "Holy Cows" for the Military's intelligence (ISI), in his press conference. Hamid Mir revealed that some intelligence agency's officials visited his home during the last few days and informed him about inclusion of his name in the hit-list of journalists, however he refused to tell the names of list makers. Mir said that ISI have serious reservations over his broadcasted programmes in Geo TV's Capital Talk covering the issue of Mama Qadeer's long march for Balochistan's missing person's rights.
Hamir Mir! when you know that who planted explosive in your vehicle in November 2012 and the elements also accepted the responsibility (TTP), why you repeatedly blame ISI for the attack. Can not the TTP again attack you? If ISI had attacked you you would have not been alive to issue your statement, however, life is in the hands of Allah. And we all pray for your health, early recovery and long life. But you must not fulfill the aims of RAW and India,. How much they are happy with your allegations. Who is sponsoring "Amn Ki Asha" and movie made jointly with the cooperation of India. Who loves more India than Geo News? Some times Geo seems the duplicate copy of ZEE TV. Geo seems substitute for Zee TV. Is not it? Can government allow a channel who is interpreting RAW's objectives and trying to complete the task that India can not do itself? Have a look at your behaviour and the talks in your programmes.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fraud Allegations Have Delayed Afghanistan's Presidential Election's Results

Afghanistan's presidential election results have been delayed by two days due to fraud investigations and will now be released on Saturday. Partial results from the April 5 elections have already been released, with former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah ahead of his main rival Ashraf Ghani, after half of the ballots were counted. Committed to determining results that reflect the will of Afghan voters, the Independent Election Commission said it is conducting thorough investigation of all the irregularities. IEC said "while the investigation has delayed slightly delayed the results, they are critical to the accuracy and integrity of the final results." The latest partial results have put Abdullah in the lead with 44.4 percent followed by World Bank's former economist on 33.2 percent. If no candidate gains more than 50 %, a second round- election between the two leading names will be held on May 28. Total tun out is said to be seven million voters out of an estimated 13,5 million voters. The incoming president will have to fight against the resilient insurgency of Taliban as US led troops leave Afghanistan this year. However, Taliban failed to launch a major attack, despite threats to disrupt the polling process.

Journalist Threw Shoe At Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif

A journalist in Lahore rushed past the security and threw shoe on chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday, but it missed. The journalist, Imdad Ali working in private Sindhi television launched the projectile at CM Punjab as he was the special guest at three-day South Asia Labour Conference. According to reports Ali raised slogans against the expected restrictions on a news channel. The security staff of the CM Punjab will investigate the journalist regarding the incident after it happened whether he did it himself or any other power was behind it. It is not the first incident of shoe-throwing in Pakistan as former president Parvez Musharraf and former CM Sindh Arbab Ghulam Rahim also faced shoes thrown on them. But the most famous event of recent years was the Iraqi journalist who hurled his own footwear at former American president W. George Bush at a press conference in Baghdad in December 2008. Muntazer Ali Zaidi was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting a head of state. That was reduced to one year on appeal and his sentence was cut further for good behaviour. In February 2009, a German research student threw show on Chinese premier Wen Jiabao during a speech at Cambridge University. Martin Jahnke, 27, was cleared of committing a public order offence.

Celebrity Who Is Better After Break Up

*-- Katy Perry; Playing out a relationship in the lime light must be difficult, but imagine going through a break- up with the world's press watching! Do not feel too sorry for the celebs yet, because some stars get revenge on their exes by reinventing themselves after the split. Looking hot at the Nickoledeon's Annual Kids' Choice Awards recently, Katy could not stop smiling. When former love-birds Katy Perry and Russel Brand announced their split in late 2011, the world drew a sharp intake of breath. Who would have guessed how much Katy would blossom?

The Heartbleed Bug Is The Biggest Internet Security Threat The World Has Ever Seen

Online shoppers and internet bank customers are being warned to change heir passwords to reduce the risks of falling victim to online bug that can allow hackers to snatch credit cards and bank details. The Heartbleed is the biggest internet security threat the world has ever seen. The virus which has been around since 2012, allows hackers to steel valuable data such as passwords or credit card numbers, through a hole in firm's website security. it is virtually impossible for firms to check if any information has been taken this way and thee are fears that hackers could hold on data to stolen for months before exploiting it. A report in British Newspaper Daily Mail says that Heartbleed has affected nearly half a million websites across the world. Other firms are rushing to seal holes in their servers after hacking groups were revealed to be scanning the internet for vulnerable websites. Many affected companies say they have fixed the problem. But security experts still warn people to change their passwords to be doubly safe. It is essentially vital if a website they frequently use announces it has been affected by the Heartbleed bug and has recently fixed the flaw. In these circumstances you should again change your password even if you have already changed. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters. Avoid using the same password on different websites and ones that are easy to guess-- such as your surname or children's names.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Some Highest Paid Models In Animated GIFS

*-- Miranda Kerr:- Earning $ 4 million. From May 211 to May 2012. Agency: IMG Models *-- Alessandra Ambriosio;- Earning $ 6.6 Million. From May 2011 to May 2012. agency DNA Models.
*-- Doubtzen Kroes:- Earning $ 6.9 milliom from May 2011- May 2012 agency DNA Models
*-- Adriana Lima:-
Earning $ 7.3 million from May 2011 to May 2012. Agency Marilyne New York *-- Natalia Vodianova:-
Earning $ 8.6 million from May 2011- may 2012 Agency DNA Models. *--
*-- Kate Moss: Earning $ 9.2 million. From May 2011 to May 2012. Agency IMG Models.
*-- Gisele Bundchen:- Earning $ 45 Million from May 2011 to May 2012. Agency IMG Models

Boxer Aamir Khan Cheated On His Pregnant Wife Faryal

Boxer Amir Khan's wife has enough of all the tabloid reports about her husband's infedility. The pugilist's wife is due to give birth next month. Faryal took the matter to her hand and confronted two girls he spent time with-- and asked point blank, "Did you sleep with my husband?". She had read enough news snippets about husband fooling around behind her back and decided to deal with it herself. Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom, 22,
contacted Clair Nuttall and Elagentine Flore Aguilar over their trysts with Amir. According to British tabloid "The Sun" Makhdoom Faryal exchanged a string of text messages with Nutall, while the Bolten-based woman claimed to have had physical relationship at his home with Khan six months after his marriage with Faryal. The English boxer also bedded French girl Elagentine-Flore at a 385-pounds a night hotel suite after which he even asked her to sign a letter gagging her over the same. Natalie claimed she bedded him just two weeks before his official engagement to Faryal. But Amir insisted it happened a year before in 2011.

hindus Celebrated The Sacred Marriage Of Cow And Bull In India

A cow and a bull have been married off in an Indian lavish wedding costing 10,000 pounds (half the cost of average British wedding). More than 5,000 villagers turned up to watch sacred cow Ganga and Prakash get hitched during the Hindu ceremony held near Indore Madhya Pradesh. The nuptials were organised by Ganga's guardian Gopal Patwari to save the state's harvest from 'natural disaster'.
According to Patwari natural calamities like hailstorms and heavy rains occurring in nearby areas destroyed their crops crops, and to prevent happening to our village we arranged this wedding on the advice of Sadhus and holy men. We have been told this will maintain peace in our village.
Most of the families in the area are farmers growing wheat, barley cotton, and beans so heavily depend upon good harvest to survive. Cow (Ganga) which is considered sacred in Hindu religion arrived early dressed in red custom-made bridal saree, jewels, dyes and a garland. Prakash (Bull ) looked equally stunning as it arrived in a decorated Bughee (Horse cart) drapped in a multicoloured sherwani and orange turban. The ceremony started with Patwari giving away Ganga before a Sadhu performed all the traditional rituals.
This special wedding had all the traditional ritual like Mehndi, Mandap, Fera and Ganesh Pooja. What one can expect from a nation that had been forcing the widows to burn alive with the dead husband, who paste exctre of cows on the face and body and drink urine of cows. Though the marriages of cats, dogs or other pets are organized in western countries but as an entertainment not like a religious tradition like Hindus do. Who first married Aishwarya Rai with a tree and then to Bachhan.

Pakistan Successfully Test Fires Hatf-III (Ghaznavi) Missile

Pakistan on Tuesday successfully test-fired Hatf-III (Ghaznavi) ballistic missile with a range of 290 km. According to Inter Services Public Relation (ISPR) said launch of Hatf-III would strengthen country's deterrence capabilities 'manifold'. The launch was described by the military as successful. The missile incorporates a series of improvements in range and technical parameters of the existing missiles," ISPR said in a statement. The successful test of missile has also been warmly appreciated by the president and the prime minister who congratulated the participant troops, scientists, and engineers on their outstanding achievement.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Scientists Made The Long-Sought Discovery Of How Sperm Latches Onto An Egg

Scientists have said they have made a long-sought discovery of how sperm latches onto an egg in the first spark of reproduction, an outcome of a near decade-long hunt. The finding opens up avenues for new contraceptions or treating infertility. When a sperm meets an egg, they fuse to form a single-cell entity called zygote, which divides to produce an embryo. In 2005, Japanese scientists reported that they had found a molecule jutting from the membrane of mammalian sperm that docks onto the surface of egg. They called it Izumo, after a Japanese Marriage shrine. "we have solved a long-standing mystery in biology by identifying the molecules displayed on all sperms and eggs," said the lead researcher Gavin Wright. "Without the essential interaction fertilisation just can not happen. We may be able to use this discovery to improve fertility treatments and to develop new contraceptives." If defects in Juno proved to be cause of infertility, asimple genetic test could advise the couple seeking to have a baby, researcher hope.

Hamid Mir's Allegations Against ISI Are Intolerable--ISPR

Inter Services Public Relation has said that ISI is a prestigious and reliable institution and regrettable allegations against it are misleading, baseless and intolerable. We will take legal action in this regard. The spokesperson said with these baseless accusations the institution has been defamed and image of Pakistan has negative impact due to this. He said that since the day one one of the private TV channels has been repeatedly displaying the photo of DG ISI repeatedly for eight hours that created anger among the patriotic Pakistanis. It is more than hundred percent correct, blogger agrees to this, Hamid Mir has lost the the sympathies of the people due to his direct blame on ISI. The Pak army and ISI have always been the target of enemies specially that of India and Israel. Those who target ISI like Indians is never a Pakistani. Does Hamid Mir want to be among them? We pray for his early recovery and long life but he must withdraw his allegations back as a true Pakistani. It is Pak that is defending Pakistan from internal and external threats while politicians always play the musical chair game. Is is army that come forward to help people in peace and war, it helps people in natural calamities? What does media and politicians do, they just, seeks breaking news and the later want photo sessions. The practical and relief operations are only done by army. Only and only Indian agents do not like Pak army and ISI.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

PML(N)'s PMA Organises An Alcoholic Dance Party

A controversial video shockingly emerged in media showing an alcoholic dance party organised on an unknown location in Pakistan and being enjoyed by Pakistan Muslim Leagues (N)'s law maker Alamdar Qureshi. Mian Allamdar Abbas Qureshi is a Pakistani Member Provincial Assembly (PMA) from PP-255 constituency of Muzaffargarh district of Punjab. Qureshi could easily be seen in the controversial video as he was dancing and motivating a girl making twerking moves in 'Punjabi Mujra' style while two men were also sitting in the same room. The dancing girl showered with prize-money over her dancing moves and got slight partnership with provincial minister. According to local channel Samaa News, the minister was drunk at the time as the wine bottle can clearly be seen in the video. It is noteworthy that a member of National Assemblt Jamshaid Dasti from the same area had alleged that some of the lawmakers were involved in the immoral activities at the parliament lodges. Chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Shasrif has taken notice of the mater and ordered authorities to produce the copy of the video related to Alamdar Qureshi. The video had spread in minutes across all Pakistani News Channels after its emergence.

Hamid Mir Feared More ISI Than Terrorists-- Amir Mir

Senior journalist and Geo News Anchor Hamid Mir wrote a letter to Pakistan Army, family, members, friends and Jang/Geo group after receiving death threats and nominated Inter Services ISI) Chief General Zaheer ul Islam among others as responsible for his death. According to his brother Amir Mir, Hamid Mir feared ISI more than terrorists. "We are sons of Waris Meer, and fear none, ISI or Army can not stop us from writing ans speaking truth. Amir revealed that his famous brother not only wrote a letter but also recorded a video message and told Amir that ISI wants to kill him. Amir said that his brother had threats from ISI since the time General Shuja Pasha was heading the agency. Amir said he advised him to migrate to Dubai.
Amir Meer! Do not cry, shout and blame ISI and PAk Army. Pak Army and ISI is the enemy of only those persons who want to damage Pakistan. It is not against patriotic Pakistanis. If your brother is not enemy of Pakistan and is not working against the country then ISI can not attack him. Do not you know that your brother had created so many enemies in Pakistan specially politicians, industrialists, land lords, mafias, smugglers and many many, he could be attacked by any one of them. Even common man is also saying that Geo was paid by India and JEWS and the name of GEO is derived from JEWS.? What do you say?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Daughter of Clinton And Hillary Expecting First Child

America's former president Bill Clinton's first daughter Cheleea Clinton said that she is to be mother for the first time giving her delighted parents Clinton and Hillary a long-awaited grandchild. Chelsea, 34,, made this announcement in a public event with her mother in New York organised by Clinton Foundation initiatives to advance the cause of girls and women around the world. "Marc and I are very excited that we have our first child arriving later this year.L Chelsea told the audience at Lower Eastside Girls Club, to whoops up delight from the crowd. "And I certainly feel all better- whether it is boy or girl- that she or he will grow up in a world full so many great female leaders, " she added. Chelsea larer updated her more than 437,000 followers on Twitter saying that baby would be born in fall.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tahir Ul Qadri To Initiate Movement Against Government From May 11

Chief of Awami Tehreek and Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran Dr Tahir ul Qadri has announced movement against incumbent government from May 11. According to report he said that government has failed to deliver good performance and people did not want to give government further time. In a statement Dr Tahir Ul Qadri vowed to announce a strategy for revolution on May 11 and referred to the day as beginning of a rising. He said revolution is the only way to change the fate of the nation and the country. He further clarified his stance that this time he will never do dialogue or negotiations with the rules and will continue his movement till the end of the government. He also criticised the holding of dialogue process with the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan and demanded to initiate full-fledged operation against them.

Zac Wins The Best Shirtless Performance MTV Movie Award

Talk about taking the gloves off or rather the top off as in case of Zac Efron! Zac lives up to his words and takes top off while winning Best Shirtless Performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on April 13. He had already promised via Twitter to accept shirtless award, should he win so, to prove he is the man of his words, the buttons flew. The 26-year-old actor seemed a little timid, but a little help from presenter Rita Ora he ripped that top right off off.
The competition for this year Best Shirtless Performance got a bit heated at MTV's Movie Awards with a buff, sun-kissed, spiky -haired Zac. He beat out Hemsworth, Sam Cliffin, Jennifer Aniston, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Mila Kunis tried to hide her growing baby bump at MTV Movie Award, but had no such luck. I a tight little black dress Mila tired hard but the growing belly showed itself.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saudi Arabia May Lift Ban On Girl's Sports

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) urged the Saudi government to push forward with move to lift ban on sports in girl's state schools. The Muslim Kingdom's consultative Shura Council last week recommended to end ban which was relaxed in private schools last year, state media reported. The IOC spokesman welcomed the development and look forward to the approval by Education ministry. All education in Saudi Arabia is single-sex, but sports in girl school remains a sensitive issue in a country where women have to cover from head to toe when in public. The kingdom bowed to the international pressure and sent its first ever female participants to an Olympics at 2012 London games. The IOC agreed to allow the two Saudi women- a judo player and a middle-distance-runner- to compete with their heads and bodies covered in deference to the Islamic Dress Code at their home.

Amazing Fictional Story That Accurately Predicted The Future

In 1838 Edgar Allen Poe wrote his only complete novel "the Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nuntuckut " One of the characters, a mutineer named Richard Parker fell prey to monstrous cannibalism. After all the mutineers are thrown overboard, Parker is the only one spared to help with the operation of the ship. The ship then capsizes and leaves the remaining crew without adequate food. Parker suggests that he ans his three surviving crewmates draw straws to sacrifice one among them, in order to save the rest. He draws the short straw and is eaten alive by his mates. In 1884, 52-foot yacht set off from Southompton, England for Australia and sank. Four survivors including a 17-year old cabin boy, Richard Parker escaped in a lifeboat. When their resources and food ran out, they forced to drink their urine and finally three of the men killed Parker and devoured him, much like his fictional counterpart. In 2001, Yann Martel paid homage both to real and fictional Richard Parkers in a novel "Life Of Pi". In Pi Martel named a Bengal Tiger-- and survival of shipwreck-Richard Parker.

Adib Suleiman Al Blooshi-- The "Small Emiriti Scientist"--2

Saudi Television "Al Arbia" telecasting from Dubai has given the details of Adib's achievement/inventions in a report it was said that the government of United Arab Emirates has given the titles (Alqab) of "Ambassador of Peace" and "the Hero of Children World" to 9-year-old Adib Al Balooshi. Adib has been been given countless awards/honours by World Organisations. He has received at least 100 honorary degrees, and many medals. The government of UAE has awarede him "Best Education Award" Al Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid; The Jordanian "Robot Science Organisation" has given Adib an Award along with the membership of the organisation. This organisation gives membership to only those famous scientists of the Arabian countries who have highest achievements in different scientific fields. Arab League awarded Adib The Award of "Small Scientist of the Arab World" last year in Cairo. Jordan also gave him "Shah Hussain Award" and " Arab Youth Development Council" gave him special awards. *-- Inventions Of Small Emiriti Scientist:-- The first invention of small scientists was the water proof artificial leg for his father. Now his father not only can walk in a better way but can swim too with these legs. Look at the extra ordinary expertise of the small scientist that linking the leg with thin electric wires and to a apparatus fixed in the ear to control the legs naturally. The apparatus in the ear conveys the message of brain to the legs to move. The second innovation of small scientist Sulaiman is ""Vacuum Cleaner Robot". It is a tiny robot that is commonly used in home for cleaning or other works. This robot can reach the places where human hands can not reach like under the sofas or tables. The third invention of Adib is a helmet equipped with modern cameras. This helmet is used by emergency service volunteers. The specificity of this helmet is that after wearing it no feelings of warmth, cold or water are felt. It is specially very important for fire brigade workers. The cameras installed in the helmet send live/direct photos and videos to the operation control room which help in extinguishing and controlling the fire in better way. This helmet also provides light in smoke, darkness and at night. Small Al Blooshi also invented an apparatus for helping the persons in emergency after meeting any road accident that will inform the family members and emergency about the affectee via wireless. The apparatus will be fixed in seat belt. Recently Adib gave a presentation in Dubai about his inventions. Among the several inventions of Adib one is a "wheel Chair" for disabled kids. This operates by remote control. Many international scientific firms offered Adib to work for them on huge salary. *-- World Tours Of Small Scientist Regarding Science And Technology:-- The Small Emiriti Scietist Adib received several times invitation from different foreign countries for the visits. He has already participated in many Scietific Research conferences in Arab Countries and France. Recently the Crown Prince Of UAE Prince Handan Bin Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom has sent Adib and his family on the Scientific Tour of seven countries. "Emirates Institute Of Advance Science And Technology" is taking care of Adib's this scientific study tour. On first leg of his tour he visited Belgium. After which he will participate in different conferences in America, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Britain. He has already been invited by Belgium to attend "Green Carbon Conference". He will participate in this conference and will proceed to French city Lafal where he will participate in an international conference about, " Robot Machine for Humen" He will go to Munich, Germany. He will attend two separate conferences in New York, USA and then will visit "American Space Research Agency" NASA's head quarter. in California. Then he willl go to Britain and in the last leg of his visit will be tour of Ireland and then this small scientists will return home after one month tour. Adib Sulaiman Al Blooshi is lucky that he took birth in Dubai, UAE where his capabilities have been recognised and he has been given the prestige and provided all types of cooperation to forward his mission of scientific invention to enlighted the name of his country. His country is no less lucky that it admitted the natural intelligence and geniousness of Adib and given him the place he deserved. Adib and his country both are fortunate. Unfortunate is Pakistan that never value the intelligence and capabilities of kids like Adib who take birth in poor slum areas not in well to do families.