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Friday, January 4, 2013

Woman Can not Sit Like Men On MBike Behind Man

In the Uche province of Indonesia the sitting of women on motor cycle behind men in a man's style has been banned. This is the only province of Indinesia where Islamic Sharia laws have been implemente. Mr Yahya said it is to secure Islamic values. Pamphlets have been distrbuted in office and at home to keep people aware of the order. However, women will have to sit on one side behind men but not straight behind them on motor bike. Mr Yahya said in the style sitting like men woman will look like men while keeping legs on one side will show her a woman. He further said the chances of falling of the people sitting in the later style are less. Government of the province will check the procedure for one month and then it will be made a law. A renowned Muslim scholar in Djakarta has criticised the orders and said this is no where wrtitten in Quran or Hadith how to sit on motor bike. He further said if government wants to make it law then consensus of the people is necessary to get on the issue.

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