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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MD PTv Appeared Before The NA Standing Committee Regarding Aeysha Sana's Allegations

Managing Director of PTV Yousuf Baig Mirza appeared before the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Human Rights on Wednesday (Today) to clarify his position after television artist Aeysha Sana accused him of blackmailing her in the garb of marriage. The Standing committee after examining the documentary evidences submitted in the committee by "+"Aeysha Sana claiming that she was the ex-wife of MD PTv. Committe directed the representatives of law division, Pims and Council of Islamic Ideology to attend the meeting to review the legal requirements of the matter, Aeysha told the committee members that our divorce case was finalized on August 15, 2012 while case was filed on Maay 05, 2012. Now this lier man is saying that he divorced me in 2005, if so then why did he remain with me. He is telling a lie and due to his official status he is targetting me, I want hustice, Aeysha said. Aeysha Sana said Baig is refuting DNA test, divorce documents and other documentary proofs. He is nor accepting his own son. She a man like him is not illegible to be the head of an national organization like Pakistan Television. He must be dismissed. The committee will meet on Thursday again and Yousuf Baig Mirza is directed to present himself before the committee.

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