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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kim Is Fearful About Her Growing Baby Bump

Kim is reportedly concerned about how much her body is changing. The reality TV star announced sher was expecting her first child with rap beau Kenye West. Kim who has made a successful career out of her gorgeous figures and stunning looks, is allegedly fearful about her quickly changing appearance as as result of her growing baby bump. She loves having curves and is proud of her famous bottoms, but she is worried about how much her body is already changing. Kim obviously thinks she will put on weight and would not be able to lose it, so she is still hitting the gym regularly -often twice a day. as weell as taking more and more work to keep her active. Everone around her is concerned sher is doing too much, while she should be taking it easy. The 32-year is expecting to give birth in July. She already mourned on her official Twitter page about her weight. Her partner is asking er continously to slow down.

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