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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long March Completed Successfully And Revolution Started From Today---Qadri

Dr Qadri said people have taken back the mandate given to rulers in the form of long march and protest. Now the "public assembly" will be set before parliament. Tahir ul Qadri gave oath to participants to live and die together till demands are accepted. He has given the rulers time today till 11 AM to dissolve assemblies. Otherwise people will decide themselves. He said 5 million people have snatched mandate from the rulers. He said this was the largest long march in the human history. He will address today at 11 AM. Government has allowed the participants to set stage before the parliament but, Rahman malik said no one will be allowed to enter red zone. A large number of women are among the participants. People are still coming from Mianwalio, Khushab and Sargodha. People are also taking with them the beddings and huge quantities of food items and intend to stay longer. Strict security measures have taken in the capital and 15,000 security officials have been deployed. QAdri address the police and army not to come in the way of masses and will not indulge in confrontation with the people. Dr Qadri said the funds given to MNA's and MPA's is 'political bribery' which is not allowed. He also condemned the blockage of mobiles.

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