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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sheikh ul Islam! Why Do You Want To Put Nation In Trouble

The Pakistani is already suffering from utmost troubles of the history. Pakistani nation had never put to such a troublesome life that they passing through now a days. Queues were miles long on CNG stations that have been diminished due to closure of the gas sttions. People are waiting on the wagon syops for hours to get commuters but in van. Government has taken the nation to death bed. While they themselves are living lavishly. Roads are closed 18 hours a day due to VVIP's movement. Patients die in the buses c babies take births ion Rickshas, goverment employees can not reach to offices in time. In these circumstances your long march will raise their suffering, the long marches never minimize the sufferings of Pakistani nation. Your long march if announced by you rise up to a million, definetely of the hired people, ( though you boated to be 4 milion) will jam the roads, riots will erupt, electric poles, building window will be broken. Life mat stand still. What your long will benefir to the hungry people. Would their bellies will be filled when when you reach to Islamabad. The corruption can not be eliominated with sit ins or long marches. The corrupt people would belaughing on you. The only remerdy is call the army if you can and get martial law imposed hang all the corrupt people. What a tehrir squae you are going to create with long march. You seem among the politicians who live abroad and come here to rule. Did you come here for that? As a pracher and an Islamic scholar you had respect among the masses Do not be Pakistani politicaian, they have no respect neither they are able to get respect. Because they are Univeral liers , treacheres fraudulent people and some of them do not like Pakistan They want to hand it over to India or the USA. Some want to beake it into pieces. get paid and like to go back to their homelands.

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