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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Husband Divorces Wife And Sues Her For Ugly Baby

According to media reports, Jian Feng, a resident of Northern China allegedly married a girl and his wife soon became pregnant. After childbirth Feng realiozed the baby was ugly and he could not believe that his beautiful wife gave birth to such an ugly baby girl. He repotedly alleged his wife of some illicit contacts because the baby nothing looked like eitjher of the parent. He insisted that his wife must tell him whom the father of this ugly baby was. However, his wife insister too that ugly baby resembled her and then she admitted to having imtensive plastic surgery for $100,000 before met and married him. The surgery completely altered her and she turned into a beautiful girl. But the genes of her passed on to the baby that inherited her ugliness and her other genetically transmitted characters. But not the genes of apparently beautiful wife Feng wanted to see in the baby or hoped for. According to a local newspaper Feng divorced his and sued her for lying about her beauty and previous surgeries. Feng won the lawsuit taking home $ 120,000 for settlement.

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