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Monday, January 7, 2013

Asad Tried To Remain Stick To Power--- USA

The USA has condemned the speech of Syrian president Bashar Ul Asad in which he termed his opponents the "puppets" of western countries. The USA has said that it is Asad's another attempt to remain stick to power. European Union once again has said thet Asad should leave power and allow for the changes. The peech of Asad was the first one after June. In which he said Syria will talk to masters not the employees and servants. He said talks can not be held with terrorist mind-set. He presente a proposal to hold refrendum according to nastional charter. Turkish prime minister sdaid there was nothing new in Asad;s speech. British foreign minister said that no body can be befooled with simple talks. The opposition has rejected Asad's plan and leader of opposition Waleed said that his group can not compromise on any proposal except the Asad's quiting of power. Asad's

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