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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Indian War Threats To Pakistan

Pakistan's enemy No 1 from the day 1 that never liked Pakistan's independance, India has again threatened Pakistabn to use other options. Inspite of starting violatations on LOC ( line of control) martyring our soldiers, the International lier has accused Pakistan for violating the cease fire accord. India is gathering its army on the Eastern Border of Pakistan. Due to Indian provocative steps confrontation is escalating between the two neighbors. India leraves no stone unturned to harm Pakistan. It is reponsible for bomb blasts and unrest in Baluchistan and Sind. The dead bodies found after blasts in Swat and Quetta were Hindus. India wants to take advantage of worst law and order situation in the country. Qadri's long march, protests against Baluchistan government and Quetta blasts as well restlessness due to weakestever governance in Pakistan. People sufferings have increased. They neither can get CNG nor oetrol and flour. But India must remember Pakistani nation is though not united internally but WHEN HINDU WILL COMMIT ANY BLUDER TO ATTACKING PAKISTAN, PAKISTANIS ARE ONE NATION ONLY ONE NO SHIA NO SUNNY NO BRAILVI NO SINDHI NO BALUCH BUT WILL BE ONLY AND ONLY PAKISTANIS. Secondly, the situation now is not like that was in 1971 when Hindus attacked East Pakistan and dacca fall occur. Our army is far more courageous, trained, efficient and the best army of the world. Mind it Hindu! Indian threats are only due to cowardness of Pakistani rulers and the Indian lobby in Pakistan who have S;logas like "amn ki Asha'. Go ahead Indian lovers in Pakistan and make understand your darling not to step forward and think of attacking Pakistan, otherwise results wil be awsome for you. The commandar of Pakistani Flat in Joint Saudi Pak navy excercises, 'Naseem ul Bahr' Muhammad Zaka Ullah said Pakistan nany has does not care for Indian navy's preparedness, because has all the capabilities to defend and save the integrity of its borders. Yes Sir, Pakistanis are proud of its bravo army and are confident that our army can would not allow Hindus to make opur sacred soil dirty.

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