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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Dutch National Who Does Not Feel Cold

You might have seen people with astonishing capabilities like someone pulls truck with his mustache and other does not feel electric shock, similarly a Dutch national lives on the earth who never feels cold. He can rightly be called an Iceman. Dutch national Vom Bov can sit on ice and can swim in icewater for hours. The people tolerating extremely cold temperature have been found in the world but he stunned the world when he climbed Mount Everest wearing only a nicker. In a very low temperature where an ordinary person would die can not affect Bom Bov and temperature of his body remains normal too. He says that he got this capability with worshiping. The scientists who conducted resesarch on Bom Bov say that he has created the capability of controlling his nervous system and that is exytemely astonishing, of course.

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