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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Unique Event Of Declaration Of War Through Social Website

In the past the wars were declared against any country by the heads of the state or Commander In- Chiefs of the army. But it was for the first time and was of course, a unique event that a country declare a war against a country through social media or social website. In this regard the announcement of war against Gaza city was done by Israeli Defence Force on its official Twitter account by IDF spokeperson. It has never been done in the past. The Tweet sent on @IDFSpokesperson carried the note that Israeli Defence Force is going to start a war against the "Terrorism" on a large scale against Hammas leadership, Gaza city and other leading leaders of Hammas as well as against Islami Mujahidin. After a few moments of the dispatch of the Tweet by IDF, the commondar of army wing of Alqasim Brigade Ahmadal Jabbari was killed by hitting the misile in aerial attack. Confirming the death of Ahmadal, the spokesperson of Hammas, Fayaz Brihome wrote that doing this Israel has opened the doors of hell for itself. REplying to this message IDF wrote on its Twitter account that IOsrael has all the options, if it deems fir it can attack Gaza through land attack. Immediately after the Twitter message Ahmadal and other 7 innocent Palestinians were killed while 60 injured in Israeli aerial attack. Israel declared war openly to tell the world that Muslims are so weak and coward that no one will come to counter act the attack, nor any Muslim country will have the courage to stand beside Palestine except formal condemnation statements, that Israel never cares like India regarding killing of innocent Kashmiris and Kashmir issue. Israel and India are the chips of the same bundle, and backed by the USA. Shame for Muslims leaders, the slaves of the USA.

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