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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Question To Dr.Tahir Ul Qadri--- Is Jewish Joel Hayward Your Strategic Policy Advisor?

Dr Tahir ul Qadri!, as you have kept your fingrs on the pulses of westernized paople, lier, cheater politicians and fake degree holder parliamentarians now western media is behind you to explore some hidden coners of your life and highlighting them in the media. You will have to satisfy your followers about the allegations you are chaged with. The burning issue that media has taken is that you have hired a Jewish adviser, who was born in New Zealand and brought up by Jewish parents as Jew and who is a rekown expert on "war and Strategy" Joel Hayward, an air bombordment expert in Royal Air fortce UK has been apponited by you in March 2012, as your Strategy and Poolicy Adviser and to your organization 'Minhaj ulk Quran'.? Your website '' carries the announcement of his advisership.? It is said that he was Chritian earlier and then converted to Jewish and also the media say that he poses to be Muslim, offers prayers and delivers scholarly lectures on Islam but in his same lecture he declares Muslim as terrorists, carrying out terrorists acticities in Afghsnistan, Iraq and in Paletine.? Your organisation is purely Islamic teaching one but why did you need an adviser on war and strategy? Born in a Christian family Dr Joel converted to Jewism on the advise of his grandmother. He delivers lectures on war stratyegies in difference defence institites of Europe and America. You do not have intention to fight Guerilla war against Pakiostan or any oherr country then why Joel is appointeed by you? It is said that you did not need him he needed you? and intersting thing is you do not pay him but he pays you? Please Dr Tahir ul Qadri answere the questions? Your followers may not be disheated. You acheiverd a a great successin recent lonmf g march do npot waste the struggle the difficulties of your folowers who were with you in chilling cold rain on the D Chauk of Islamabad.

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