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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Former Chairman OGRA Arrested In Abu Dhabi

Interpole has searched out Tauqir Sadiq in Abu Dhabi and he will soon be handed over to NAB team. He is alleged for corruption of 82 billion rupees in Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. Supreme court had declared his apponitment as chairman OGRA illegal on November 25, 2011 and ordered inquiry of the the huge amount of corruption against him. The court was told on the last hearing that Tauqir Sadiq had fled first to Bangladesh and then Katmandu (Nepal). It is also alleged that the leader of the House in Senate Jahangir Badr, Haji Habib ur Rahman and interior minister Rahman Malik helped him to flee out of country. On the oter hand in an interview with a daily newspaper Tauqir Sadiq said if RS 82 corruption instrad of Rs 82 billion is oroved against me I am ready to be hanged But Mr Tauqir why did you flee why did not you face the trial in the court and prove your innocence ?). He also said that his LLM degree was not fake and he was illegible to be apponited as chairman OGRA with this degree.

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