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Monday, January 28, 2013

Baluchistan Has The World's Largest Reserves Of Precious Metals Then Why Is It So Backward?

Nature has gifted the Soil and high mountains Of Baluchistan with the wealth of the most precious unlimited mineral resources in the world. Its mountains has hidden and exposed reserves of gases, gold, copper , zinc. cast iron and precious stones and are in abundance that can make Baluchistan and Pakistan the richest province and country, respectively, in the world. Its plains dwell sheep, goats and other pet animals, its hills contain medical plants, its orchards provide dry and fresh fruits and what not is found in Baluchistan. If Gwadar is included in this wealth then there is no bound to sea food. Then why Baluchistan is so backward and sunk into the sea pf poverty.? It is just the incapability, negligence and to some extent just passing the time to complete ruling tenure by the dual natrionality holders of ruling class. The outside world knows what kind of wealth is hidden in Baluchistan and of what value but our rulrs are closing eyes. The incapable rulers could not manage the experts within country to explore the wealth but extended begging hands to the foreign experts in the greed of commissions and kick-backs and adopted the procedures of signing agreements with outsiders on their conditions. The foreign powers excavated the prcious mines and handed over a nominal share to the "Property Owners" (Pakistan). The loss was for the nation not for the rulers they had received their lion share already. Among the various agreements one was the Reckodek agreement. "Reekodek", the peak of sand is an area in Chaghi district near Afghanistan - Iran border.Once vulcanos prevailed in this area but now those are silent. The great reserves of gold and copper exist in this area. These reserves in Chaghi are the fifth largest in the world and the largest in South Asia. Chaghi has another credit of turning its mountain to white color by the atmic bomb test on 28th of May a decade back. The gold and copper reserves are larger than those in Chilli. During 1970, Geological Survey of Pakistan had detected theses reserves. (Continued) ,

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