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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Amazing And Intersting Events Of The World

*---- A Man Is Alive Withhout Eating And Drinking For The Last 70 Years While a common living being can not remain alive with out eating for a few days and with out drinking liquid/ water will die within hours, a man namely Prahald Jani of Ahmadabad, India is not only alive but is healthy without drinking and eating for the last 70 years. He is now 85 years old. He is a religious Guru of India, *---- Russian President Putin The Most Influential Person Of The World The American magazine foreign policy has declared Russian president Putin as the most influential personality of the world. Actually Putin got the second place among the most influential personalities of the world. The magazine did not allot the slot on No 1 to any person of the world, so the first place is empty. According to the magazine there is nobody in the world yet who can face the most serious challenges of the world. *---- Paralyzed Hand Replaced With New One:-- In Britain doctor have jointed a new hand to a person replacing his paralyzed hand after 8 hours long surgery. The operation that is first of its kind has awakened a light of hope for the patients with this type of disability. Fifty-one year Mark's hand was paralyzed 5 years ago and he could not use the hand. *---- The Tallest Hotel Of The World:- Dubai has already the honor of having Burj e Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, but it has now gained another credit of constrcting the highest hotel in the worlf. Bubai, the city of United Arab Emirate has now became the host to the tallest hotel the J W Marriot Marquis. Built on Sheikh Zaid Road in Dubai, the five-star Marriot hotel is 355 meter high (1055 feet) has 77 storeys, 804 rooms and 120 120 VIP suits.

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