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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nominations For 2013 OSCAR Awards Have Been Finalized

Academy of Motion Pictures, Science and Arts (Oscars) has announced nominations for 2013 and movie 'Lincoln' is on the top with 12 nominations. Moreover, 'Silver Lining Play Big' is the first film during 30 years that has secured nominations for all the four categories. The nominations were announced by Mack Farlane and Emma Stone. Historical drama Lincoln got 12, film 'Life of Pie' 11 while 'Silver Lining Play Big' got 8 nominations. This time in the category of best films, nine films have been selected including ' Zero Dark Thirty' Argue and La Miserable. It is also said that James Bond film "Sky Fall" has five nominations. Among them was the song by singer Ediel. While actors and directors did not get any nomination. The award funtion will be held on February 24, in Dolly Theater Hollywood. Actress Ammenoweela Reva, 85 years who has been nominate is the oldest among the nominees, while Fawad Heen Wals, 9-year is the youngest who has been nominated for central role in the film. The best films nominated have been ranked as:- Argo, LaMiserable, Life of Pie, Lincoln, Zero Dark 30, Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Jingo In Chanted, and Silver Lining Play Bug. Best heroins have been nominated as:- Amanvela Reva (film Amour), Tomi Watson (film Impossible), Jennifer Laurance( Film Silver Lining Play Bug), Jessica Chastin (film Zero Dark Thirty), and Fawad Heen Wals ( film Beasts of the Southern Wild). Best Actors as Heros have been nominated as:- Denzil Washington (Flight), Bradley Cooper (Silver Lining Play Bug), Daniel Day Lues (Lincoln), Jackman (La Miserable) and Chaugan ( Mater). Best Directors niminated are:- Ban Zetelane (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Steon Spill Berg(Lincoln), Eng Lee (Life Of Pie), David Oresel ( Silver Lining Play Bug), and Michal Helsinki (Amour).

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