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Friday, January 11, 2013

ANP Leader Azam Hoti Married 4th Wife 3rd Sues Him

The former senior federal minister Azam Hoti of KPK is going to marry fourth timr while third wife Shamim Kiani has sued him in the court to pay her Rs 110 million for her monthly expenses and "Haq e Mehr" or jewellary or something like this ( the money husband promises to pay wife at the time of tieing Nikah). She said that Azam Hoti had given written stastement to pay her the money while she cliamed for Haq e Mehr but he did not pasy the amount. She has sued him in the court of civil judge Islamabad. She said he married a girl namely Hamaira as a fourth wife with out my consent and permission. After receiving the notice Hoti gave statement in written to pay her Rs 110 million and a house in Islamabad within six months should the matter is not opened to media. On one side Hoti submitted statement in the court of civil judge Islamabad Muhammad Amir Aziz Khan while on other side he challenged her in other civil judge Bilal Ranjha's court in Islamabad that Shamim is not his wife and is going to defame him politically. Judge dismissed the petition and ordered to provide security to Shamim Kiani as she had said she is being threatened.

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