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Monday, January 28, 2013

Dr Tahir Ul Qadri! You Are The Winner And The Loser At The Same Time

Dr Qadri! you lost nothing but you and your followers set an example of discipline, tolerance, odedience to the leader that Pakistani political parties lack and have never been organized like your long march was. Violence and intolerance and lack of descipline ate the main features of political partties in Pakistan, except that of Imran Khan's. In the chilling cold and rain your followers did not move to any shelter not they made any panic. Neither your folowers pelted stones on police not they broke a flower pot or window pan. Nation had never seen an organized group of followers like yours. The jealous, the puppet and the paid anchors of electronic media do not have their their tongues but they have the toungues of rerspective political parties they rear them. You defeated coward government and interior minister who putthe masses in trouble with blocking roads and mobile phones. The journalist pro political parties and the government have now recalled that article 62 and 63 are the part of constitutoin when your long march reached Islamabad. Did they act upon it in the past or do they intend to use it during the comimng election. Never because every Pakistani knows why? Did not intend to scrutinize the candidates under these articles? Did they intend to hold elections? Qadri you are te winner. Corrupt person is always weaker and coward. But Dr QAdri But Why did you stay in bullet proof and heated banker? why did you leave your followers, your sisters, innocenr crawlers, elder mothers, your daughters to open cruel weather? Could you darte to stay with them? If you compare yoursdelf with Imam Hussain (Naozubillah) that you are not equal to soil of their feet and government official Yazeed then like Imam why were you behind the bullet proof shields ? Dr Qadri you are not a good Islamic leader, you set a worst example to leave your followrs outside. Wee you afraid of death? Can your babker save you from death? Qadrim what is the difference between you and prime minister and president who you were cursing round the clock during sit in? Dr Qadri if you had stayed with your followers of course you had been Great But doing this you made yourself smaller and of no value Imran Khan is far beter than Qadri. Mind it be a part of his group you will et something otherwise you have lost your respect.

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