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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inappropriate Dress Is The Root Cause Of Molestation Of Women---British Parliamentarian

The member of British Parliament Richard Grabam has termed the tight skirts and high heels of women the great risk for rape attacks on them. He said if they want to save themselves from rape incidents they must wear on appropriate dress and s hoes while out on the streets. What he forgot is the attractive make-up and jewellary that also divert the attention of vulgares towards them. He said due to high heels women can not run to avoid such attacks. Here comes the teachings of Islam! What the West has realized now, Islam had taught its followers ( the Muslim women) 1500 years earlier. Islam taught Muslim women to do make up for her husband. She can not show her make up or dress to othr people even she can not come bare headed in front of brothers or father. Islam forbids Muslim women to go outside with make up or open faced, but if she goes outside she must hide her face, hands and body. When she passes a Na Mahram (other men) she should not move her hands such a way that anybody can hear the voice of her bangles in wrists. Therfore, veiling is necessary for Muslimas. The real Islamic rules and laws are followed in Saudi Arabia specially with respect to women community, where rape cases are never reported and rate of other crimes is neglible. Pakistani women are free and 90 % of them do not wear veils so rape cases are on the rise. To save themselves from attacks by men women must follow the laws of Islam, if Pakistani women do not like strict Islamic rules then they at least can follow the instructions of British parliamentarian, because they are proud of following west.

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