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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Childhood Marriages Of Girls In Saudi Arabia

Saudi government has said it will constitute a law regarding the childhood marriages in the Kingdom, after a conflict came to light when 60-year man married a 8 year old girl. The court in Oneza city has given verdict that this marriage was legal but the husband will not not have sexualcontacts with her till she reaches to maturity. The Human Rights organizations say that the main reason behind the marriages of underage girls to old men was the poverty. However, minister for Justice sdaid that law will be constitited under which this type of marriages will be totally banned. In Saudi Arabia Sunni Sharia laws are prevailing under which any sort of contact between adult men and women are styrictly prohibited. The mother of the little girl had filed the case in the court but Judge sdaid he tried to convince the husband of the girl to divortce her, but he did not agrtee so judge banned his contact with the wife till she reaches to puberty stage. The Great Mufti (Religious Scholar) Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh had priorly said that the marriage of 15 year girl is legal under theSharia. The father of the girl had taken money from tyher husband of her daughter.

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