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Monday, January 14, 2013

Long March Is Going To Enter Islamabad

Long March of Maulaa Tahir ul Qadri is near to enter Islamabad. Thousadnd of people are already on the spot (Jinnah Evenue) to receive the participants. Dr Qadri said that now the contacts and talks time has passed and rulers have lost the time. We will make the decisions, tell the decisions and get them implemented. No one can stop the revolution to come. He was talking to a reporter near Islamabad, on express way leading to Islamabad. He said the threats from the government makes no difference . Nation has tied coffins and will bring change. On other side, Rahman Malik called on Canadian high commisioner and briefed him about the terrorist threats. He also asked the diplomate to get the information from his government and tell him about the income sources of Dr Qadri. He asked the high commissioner of Canada to inform him (Rahman malik) about the meeting of the expenses of lomg march. Dr Qadri's organization is registered in Canada. Government is much scared of the long march and the intentions of Dr qasri who wants to stay in Islamabad along with his followers till his demand are fulfilled. His demands seem too hard to be fulfilled in days. Like he wants new election commioner, implementation of article 62 and 63. and end to corruptiop. Though this is the voice and demand and dreams of each and every patriotic Pakistani, but how to come true?

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