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Monday, January 28, 2013

Kamran Faisal Committed Suicide--- Medical Report

Medical report of Kamran Faisal indicated no signs of poisoning or violence on the body. The analysis of the blood samples of heart, kidney stomach, lungs and slpeen had any signs of poisoning. Deathe occured due to breaking of neck bone. This was indicated in medical report. Kamran was the patient of depression for the last four years and he was taking medicines for depression. He had eaten nothing before his death for 9 hours. He hadd conflicts with his family so he was residing in federal lodges. Hewas trying to get tranferred from NAP. He had also applie for job in different departments. He wanted to get separated from Rental Power case. According to human resourcers when Kamran Joined NAP his forst posting was in Quetta trhen he wastranferred to mRawalpindi in 2011. His romm maste Sajid has also been included in investigation. Medical report has concluded his death as suicide.

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