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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beyonce's Live Performance In Presidential Oath Taking Ceremony

There are controvertial information about the live performance of Beyonce in the Oath Taking ceremony of president Barack Obama. According to the newspaper 'The Times' a spokesperson of Marine Core band said that it was decided at nick of the time and Beyonce performed on pre-recorded song. However Marine Core Band told the reporters that no one is in posityion to disclose whether Beyonce performed live or on pre-recorded Anthem. However, Marine Core Band's performance was not live. The oath taking ceremony was attended by millions of people while another millions watched the funtion on TV. James Tailor and Kaly Clarcks also performed in the funtion, in addition to Beyonce. In a statement issued by the Marine Core Band it was said that Beyonce had no time to reherse so it was not a good suggestion to perform live. If Beyonce performance was not live then it would not be the first time to perform on pre-recorded in the American Presidential inaugural ceremony. In 2008 ceremonial funtion Yo Yo Ma did so on Sello music as he said due to wind and severe cold the performance would have been affected.

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