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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Halder-- A Maid Who Turned Into A Great Author--2

When Pramod returned from trip of South India after a month, Halder had written a 100-page memoires of her life in native Bengali. After several months when her memoires was completed, Pramod also aided in editing the manuscript and share it with some local literary circles and translated it into Hindi. This version was published by a small Kolkata-based publishing house Roshani Publishers in, 2002. Much to their surprise the book turned out to be best-seller from the start. From the beginning it got the media attention as it threw light on the miserable lives of house-maids in South Asia. With in two years its two editions were published. The Bengali, original version Aalo and Aandhari (Light and Darkness), was published in 2004. A Malayalam version appeared in 2005, while English translation was published in 2006, with the title of " A Life Less Ordinary" which became a best-seller in India, while New York Times called it "Angela's Ashes" of India. Soon it was translated into 21 languages including 13 foreign languages among them were French, Japanese and Korean. The book was published in German in 2008. "+" Baby Halder travelled to Germany with her publisher Preeti Gill of New Delhi. She attended seminar in Germany, presented her book to the audience and explained to them the present siyuation of women in India. She attende several seminars in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Kelle, Krefeld and Kiel in Berlin. Her second book "Eshat Roopantar" in Bengali was also well-received.

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