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Monday, January 14, 2013

Long March Moving Toward Islamabad, First Stay At Dina On GT Road

The Tahir Ul Qadri's long march that started 6 hours late from Lahore is on its way to Islamabad through GT Road. It was received warmly on the way at every point. The long march which is called "Democracy March" was received at Kamonki by a gathering larger than that in Lahore. Similarly, in Gujranwala and Gujrat the long march was welcomed by a large number of people. The participants made victory sign when left for Islamabad from Qadri's house. The are having Pakistani flag and "Kalma" banners. They were chanting "Tahir ul Qadri Prime minister" and against Rahman Malik. Caffin wearing Caravan is also accompanying the long march. More than 2500 foreign followers of Tahir ul Qadri are among the participants. They joined the march out side on the way to avoid security arrests. They mostly belong to London, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, America, Germany and Poland. Dr Tahir ul Qadri is travelling in bullet proof container (trailer) and three other bullet proof locomotives are also included in the long march. Special truck has been prepared for Qadri that has bathroom, heater, bed, computer table and all the facilities of a luxuru mobile home. Islamabad has been turned into a cantonment. All the incoming roads to red zone have been blocked by containers. Qadri will not be allowed to enter Rawalpindi but he would be asked to turn to express way leading to Islamabad, He wll be allowed to enter Islamabad and adressthe people at Pak-Saudi Power where stage is being prepared by his workers for his address. Qdri blamed the interior minister whom he calls lier and real father of terrorists, to stop participants joining his march. Maulana! I would like to ask you one thing. Peoplev are fed up with this government. When you enjoying the luxurious life in Canada people wre committing suicide, roaming hither and thither for CNG, petrol and flour and all other necessities of lofe. Your slogan , your mission that you are posing to conduct is attractive because people want change. But you are not different from present leaders. You are travelling in bullet proof truck. You are differentiating yourself from masses. Why do not you travel in bus with your followers. with common people. Whom yoou are afraid of? Taliban do not kill any person struggling against present government. Look at Imran Khan did he use bullet proof vehicle. He travels throughhout Pakisrtan with out any security. Who is a common man You or Imran Khan. Think Maulana! be a common Pakistani behave like a poor Pakistan Travel with Pakistanis Do not leave them to die and save your life. Your slogan is the voice of each and every Pakistani. May Allah give us honest leadership. Ameen.

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