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Sunday, January 6, 2013

We Were Thrown Out Of Bus Naked And Bleeding--- Friend Of Delhi Raped Girl

The friend of Delhi bus raped-girl disclosed that were thrown out of bus in naked and bleeding condition, while my friend was senseless. I cried for help to the passers bye for help but no body even stopped to give us some cloth to cover our bodies. Police reached after 45 minutes and before taking us to hospital they were argueing with each other on the limnits of police station. A persoin gave me bed sheet with which I coveed my friend's body. In his first interview to a TV channel the boy said that we get in he bus from Manoka Delhi. The bus windows were covered and we understood that we were traped. We botyh resisted and my friend tried to call police but the culprits snached mobile from her. They beated us with iron rod. Police took us to a far off hospital not that which was near. My friend was continously bleeding. Police chief has threatened TV channel to sue for telecasting boys's interview.

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