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Thursday, January 10, 2013

100 Most Influential Personalies During 2012 In Fine Arts

The British magazine "Art Revie" is famous and certified journal for publishing aqctivities in the field of fine arts. The magazine which is being published since 1949 has released a list of 100 influential personalities in differnt categories of arts for 2012. The magazine has ranked Carolyn Chrislov-Bakarglev of America on No 1. She is historian of fine arts and author of several books in this field. She is also well known as a guardian and supervis or different museums. She is also the art director of world known Exhibition dOCUMENTA(13). The No 2 on the list is the art dealer and owner of Gagoslan art galleries, Lary Gagoslan, of America. While the critic of policies of present government and having a unique style of art is Ai Welwei. He was on No 1 during last year. Among the most influential personalities of the world in the field of fine arts are only two celebrities from the Muslim World and both of them are the women. The Qatar princess Shiekha Al Mayyassa Bint Muhammad Bin Khalifa ranked on No 11 for her services in the field of fine arts. Last year she was on No 9. The second persanality from the Muslim World is the daughter of present ruler of Sharja, Sheikha Hoor Ul QAsmi. She is on No 84 among the 100 influential persons of the world in the catagory of fine arts.

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