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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pakistani Government Is Consulting Secret Agencies For Care- Taker Set Up

Government has started thinking on the names of ministers for interim set up and has sought the help of secret agencies the details, background, political interests, likings and dislikings of the to be ministers in the care taker set up so that Bangladesh model may be avoided for creating any hinderance in the way of elections. Accoeding to sources governmant has asked one of the secret agencies to propose the names of ministers as PPP and Nawaz League are scared after the slogan of Dr Tahir ul Qadri for the delay of elections and prolongation of period of care taker government. Government has asked secret agencies the list of the names of those people to be included in new set up who can be trusted; to be presented during the dialogues of PPP and Nawaz League and to finalize the names for provincial as well as federal government. Sources say the list which is at present under consideration is very interesting. It carries the names of TV Anchor persons and several Film actors. After the announcement of Tahir ul Qadri's long march to Islamabad, the contacts between PPP and PML(N) are speeding up to finalize the names before the start of long march. Majority of the names are from Punjab. While PPP has aaskerd to give names from each division so that it might have more options.

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