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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Desirious Of White Color Africans

The South Africa of Nelsom Mendella is presented as a "Rainbow" nation where everyone is proud of his caste, race and heritage. But some African feel problems due to their black color. According to a study by the Cape Town University every third South African woman wants to be white and for which she is bleaching her skin. A local musician Tomanto is also a such woman who bleached her skin in a light color and she sdaid that now she is happy looked beautiful and confident. Her bleached color is criticized by many people but 32 year musician said this was her personal wish so no body has the right to criticize it. Ramanse said that I do not understand the ctiticism of the people and media I have only bleached my skin and I belong to black race that i did not deny, in addition this procerss is too costly I have to pay 5000 Rinds for each session of bleaching. While doctors say the use of cream may cause blood or liver cancer as well as Leukomia. Doctor David said that many woman come for treatment of their deteriorating skins but that could not be treated after it is worsened by the use of sub-standard creams. People do not know the effects of use of these creams , we have to creat aareness among them.

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