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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Political Crisis May Lead To A Collapse Of The State-- Egyptian Army Chief

My Dear Egyptian Brothers! You are the fortunate nation of the world who have a demcrtically elected president in the form of Dr Muhammad Morsi. But, your good fortune may turn into the darkness of dictatoship reign and the claws of brutal reign are slowly pacing its way and heading towards you. Please read the following comments of your army chief that have been posted on the military facebook page. General Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian chief of armed forces has warned," current political crisis may lead to the complete collapse of the state and such a collapse could threaten the future generation" He made this statement following a large deployment in the three cities along the Suez Canal where a state of emegency has been declared. More than 50 people died in nthe current protests and violence. President Muhammad Morsi has cut short a planned European trip) He planned this trip to seeking financial help for Egypt) He will visit Germany for few hours and has cancelled France Trip. On Monday night thousands of people took to the streets in Port Saeed, Ismalia and Zuez despite night curfew. Spradic clashes continued in capital Cairo. Dearest Muslim Brothers! Please try to understand the veiled threat by your defence minister and army chief in his lenghty statement that he made to protesters, and opposition forces to be calm and he attempted to reassure You! about the role of military. You will never find a president like Muhammad Morsi, he is the most honest person. He can make your country a welfare Islamic State that we cPakistanis are dreaming for. You got rid of 32 years long brutal regime by your courade that is exempalay and led other nations to follow you. You are the pioneer of Arab Spring. What you did on Tehrir Square is unforgettable. Your opposition is just trying for their own intersts. Dr Morsi is not like Hosne Mubarak nor he is a king. Your people elected him, This is the beauty of democracy that you have experienced. Please let him work for your benefit. This is the West that makes the unrest in Islamic states. He never likes Hammas in Palestine, Ekhwan in Egypt, Mulla Umar in Afghanistan and regious parties to rule in Pakistan. He is afraid of Islamic power and "Islamic Bomb" If I had the power to change the leaders, I would have exchanged and handed over to you all the more than one thousand parliamentarians, in Senate, National Assembly and provinocial assemblies along with all the political leaders of Pakistan except a few for only One Dr Muhammad Morsi, if you do not like him. My Dear Brothers May Allah Bless you and all the Muslim Ummah with peace and islamic brotherhood.

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