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Monday, January 14, 2013

Laser System To Hit Drones Has Been Developed In Germany

Riyen Metal Defence company of Germany has developed a system of weapons that can shoot two deones from a distance of one mile. The company has demonstrated the laser weapon. The company has tested the laser equipments with high energy to hit quickly moving drones. The laser system carries two weapons with the help of which a steel rod with 15 mm girth can be cut from a distance of one kilometer. Company attempts to make it mobile and to instal guns in it. Company said that 50 kilowatt energy bearing this system can identify and keep suvelliance on the drones under optical fiber and radar. Company said that the drones flying on a speed of 50 meter per second when came in the range of firing were shot. The company is testing this system under various weather condition like rain and snow fall and wants to fit 35 mm guns on it.

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