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Friday, January 11, 2013

Increasing Rate Of Divorce In Pakistani Society

Pakistani women are slowly turning to divirce to escape abusive and loveless marriages, once taboo and still a dangerous option in tyhis strict Muslim nation even as more women become empowered by rising emploment and awareness of their rights. But the number of women wuth the courage to seeking divorce is smaller due to bringing bad reputation for the family with the 'label' of diovorcee. According to a report in Islamabad during 2011, 557 couples divorced while the number in 2002 was only 20o2. A 26 -year divorced woman Rabia said that when a women is earning she a needs a husband who loves her if a husband can do this it is better to leave him. On other side the spokesperson of Taliban speaking to the news agency said that such a freedom given to the divorced woman is dangerous for herself too. In the report with reference to 'Aurat Foundation' (women Foundation) has been stated that 1936 cases of honour killings were reorted and majority of them was women. Report further said that in Sharia courts the divorce case is decided within six months while in civil courts it takes years to be decided. The rate of divorce is high amoing the upper class women who can pay thousands od rupees fees to lawyers while poor women can not afford to pay the fees so they pass their lives as such with their husbands even if they do not like it. A leader of Jamaat e Islami Mushfeers said that women are earning now they do not tolerate dometic violence and do not like to sacrificing further. Though Allah Almight and our Prophet (PBUH) did not like divorce but she said that man has no right carry out violence on wife. The mind set of women is the result of freedom , TV's net, mobiles, Indian movies and all the new technologis that have crteated the gap between the lives of couples and it will rise in the days to come. Our society is going to moderinize and transforming inmto a western society. Educated women are least interested in studying Islamic books or magazines except watching TV dramas and movies and attending parties.

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