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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Debris Of Russian Satellite May Fall On UAE, Saudi Arabia Or Yemen Tonight

There have been ongoing reports that debris of 2500- ton Russian satellite Cosmos 1484, a remote sensing satellite launched in 1983, is about to hit the earth and that it will enter the atmosphere right above the GCC, somewhere on the UAE. According to rumors rounding on the Internet million of pieces of these debris could fall anywhere in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Yemen---or all of them. However the Emirates Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) has dismissed the claims that debris could actually reach to the surface of the earth saying that friction will burn it off before it reaches the UAE even if it does happen to get into the atmosphere above the region. Allaying any fear that residents might harbor, EIAST said the entery of such debris into the earth's atmosphere is a common occurence but poses no threat whatsoever. The organization maimtains that when satellites enter the atmosphere, they break into pieces, as they are not designed or manufactured for re-entry like thickness of structure, material used and no. of bolts etc. "Every few days such space debris enter the atmosphere and get destroyed. However, no guarantees are available, since the entrey event is very complicated and no medelling is possible to predict, properly the extent of destruction on the earth. Scientists at EIAST say.

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