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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Husband Is Poking Me Every Night In Bed---Giudice

We must put those Tressa Giudice divorce rumors to rest now, because in the latest issue of Star, the 'Real Housdewives of New Jersy' star opens up her marriage and shares her secret that has gotten her and Joe to this happy place in their relationship. Sex all the time whether she wants or not. " Make sure you give it to him every night" Jiudice says. sounding totally enthusiastic about intercourse with her man. "My husband is poking me every night in bed", and I think can not I have a night off. Fortunately, Giudice has a solution for those evenings when she would prefere to keep her legs closed. Fellibini sparkling wine. It gets me in the mood and, and Joe just shows up, Teresa said.

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