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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Youngest Cancer Researcher Of The World

A seventeen years old American girl set the world of being the youngest cancer scientist. Angela Zhang proved with her intelligence that there is no limit for research and introducing new medicines and ways of treatment in the medical world. Conducting her research on cancer she designed a method that will be a positive development in the field of cancer research. Her design would not only provide medicine to the malignant cells but will not affect the healthy cells too. She has been awarded a scholarship of $ 0.1 million to continue her academic studies. However, it will take a few years to test her method of treatment on the cancer patients.
Is not it astonishing that those people whom (Americans) whom our political leaders abuse all the time but the they use medicines invented by those non Muslims because they do not trust the medicines manufactured in Pakistan. They will chant slogans against America and Europe but they do not feel shame using mobiles, cars, aeroplanes and all other necessities of life that are imported from Europe and the USA. Shame on all those who have different ins and outs.

1 comment:

mole removal said...

Congratulation to that youngest teen girl who achieved such proud honor.