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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Seems That Nawaz Sharif Will Be Left With Nisar And Shahbaz Sharif

The speed with which the PML(N) members are defecting and joining PTI, Nawaz Sharif will have solo flight in the next election. But it is also a great lesson for Imran Khan. The re known journalist and columnist Ayaz Amir who won his seat from Chakwal with a significant lead and the best friend and old Muslim League's member,former chief minister of Khyber PK and Parliamentary leader of PML(N) in national assembly Sardar Mehtab Abbasi aswell as the president Sidth Muslim League Ghaus Ali Shah would join PTI. However, Ayaz Amir wants assurance from Imran Khan for his ticket from Chakwal while for Sadar Ghulam Abbas from Tala Gang. It would be of course a great shock for Nawaz Sharif.
But Imran Khan has to think would he be able to bring the change for which he is promising with the Pakistanis daily. Imran Khan you are the future prime minister of Pakistan , because the experienced old politicians know the way of the blowing of the wind priorly. They are joining you for their own interests not that of nation. Would you be able to uproot corruption with the team of corrupt politicians. Though not all but some corrupt people are joining you. Imran Khan, till your address at Minar e Pakistan it was expected that you are determined to change the fate of Pakistan But now the people you have gathered around you it seems difficult to bring some positive change in the fate of Pakistanis. One person can doing nothing but dedicated and sincere team is a must for doing the job. Even if you come to power Imran Khan the change in Pakistan seems near to impossible. Nawaz Sharif is not a corrupt politicians but he failed due to his corrupt people. Imran Khan , However the mission you have been working for must not be lost. You are the last hope for Pakistanis if you could do nothing then nobody would be able to do. Imran Khan you have three former foreign ministers with you, who will be the foreign minister of Pakistan in your cabinet?

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