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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Residents Nearby Express Conceren Over Reconstruction Of Jamia Hafsa In G-6 Of Islamabad

Relatively perturbed over renewed confrontation between the city administration and Lal Masjid clerics over reconstruction of a seminary, Jamia Hafsa, on encroached land, the residents of the area voicing concerns for their exclusion from whole process of negotiations between the stakeholders.
Engaged in hectic negotiations with Maulana Abdul Aziz, chief cleric of famous Lal Masjid, who enjoys emotional support of people from across the polarized society over the issue, the administration is facing catch-22 situation in the aftermath of scenario emerged following adamant Maulana’s refusal to change his strict stance of reconstruction of seminary at same place and location.
“We have not been asked even a single time by the administration, being residents of the area and at receiving hand, if we want a potential source of danger in our neighbourhood or not? I am a proud Muslim. And I do agree with significance of religious seminaries, which provide shelter and food to the poor students. But it should not be constructed in a populated residential area,” said Fahmida Musadiq, a schoolteacher living yards away from proposed Jamia Hafsa. Residents of sub-sectors of sector G-6 were forcibly ejected from their homes by law enforcement agencies after the administration had announced, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a curfew on July 3, 2007 in the federal capital to smoothly carry out gory Operation Silence to clear the seminary’s adjoining complex of armed resisters. “Several banners in our locality have sprung up calling the whole nation to fulfil its responsibility by reconstructing demolished seminary. But I am not ready to fulfil my part of responsibility. Situation will further aggravate, thus I have decided to shift somewhere else, as already I am living in a rented house,” said M Younus, a businessman.
In 2007, when same situation emerged before Army operation, my elder son got unconscious owing to a tear gas shell fired by the police, he added.

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