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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Advocate Elda Defeated Powerful Italian Prime Minister

Elda Bokasseni is that courageous and bold advocate who defeated the strongest and powerful Italian prime minister Celeilo Bar losakoni with the power of law. Elda has been investigating against the corruption and womanizing scandals of prime minister and neither cared for powerful Mafia nor the pet media of prime minster. Thus scaring of Elda's boldness Barlosakoni had to resign. She is on 57 number on the list of Foreign Policy Magazine among the 100 influential people who set permanent impacts on the world politics.
*--- Emi Chua China-Born American Lawyer):-
When the autobiography of advocate and intellectual Emi Chua ," Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mothers", published during the current year, it started a hot discussion on the sensitive topics of education, racial discrimination, American weakening economy and immigration in the United States. China-born American Elda says that talent is born in China because Chinese mother feed their children the "Golden Bite" ans look them with lion's eyes. She was placed on 35th number in the policy magazine.
*---- George Mitchel, Terry Inglader and Gary (USA):-
American industrialist George Mitchel was of the view that if underground Shale rocks are broken we can find a huge reserves of the gas. At that time other industrialists did not agree. During 2010 and 2011, several geologists specially Terry Inglader and Garry Nash after research discovered that Shale rocks had actually huge reserves of natural gas. So with this discovery during the last 3 years the prices of natural gas in the United Statges have reached to half.
It is for the attention of the government of Pakistan and the geologists (if government finds some time (out of memogate) and want to facilitate people and giving some relief from gas load shedding that there are vast reserves of Shale Gas in the Shale rocks of Punjab and Sindh. Best idea of George is that USA should call back the forces after declaring success in Afghan war ( but sorry to say that Taliban are not giving safe way to exit).

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