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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Program Of Dating Show Was "The Dating Game" In 1965 In The USA

The new version of reality show in the USA was Dating Show and its first program The Dating Game was presented in 1965.In the program a girl used to ask different questions from the 3 boys hidden behind the curtain. On the basis of answer to her questions She could select a boy and went on dating with him. Another program of this kind "The Newly Wed Program" was initiated in 1966. Newly wedded couple in this program questioned each other to know how much mental harmony they have.This program became controversial as several times new couple quarreled with each other and and divorced occurred between them.
The real reality show was "An American Family". The original routine matters of a family were presented in the show. The show ended with divorce in husband and wife in twelve th program. This program was popular among the Americans and it was presented from January to March 1973. The reality show that gained international fame was "Big Brother" which was started in 1999. The media tycoon John De Mole conceived the idea of this show. His company shot the TV series of Big Brother program. In this program a group of males and females live in a house having no contact with the world and performed his/her daily routine jobs. However, hidden cameras recorded their activities. These people attempted to win the prizes so that not to expelled from the house.
In the Pak-India sub continent the first reality show on the pattern of those of Britain and the USA was "Coke Pop Stars" that started on channel 5 in India during 2002. The aim was to bring new artists on the fore front. Then Ametab Bachans's reality show "Kaun Banay Ga Karor Pati" got famous. Actually this was the copy of American program "Who Wants To Be Millionaire" (Bachan's program has the same meaning in English as that of American's"). After that it seemed that flood of different reality shows gripped the Indian TV networks. however, all the programs copy the western shows. At present in India "Indian Ideals" "Kaun Banay Ga Karor Pati" "Big Boss" (the Copy of Big Brother), "Just Dance". "Jhalak Dikhla Jaa" and "Saray Ga Ma Pa" are the famous reality shows.

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