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Monday, December 26, 2011

Saint Basil's Cathedral (Russia)

Onion-shaped and colorful church having 9 minarets is situated in Moscow in Russia. Located in Red Square is central church or cathedral. It has beautiful rainbow colors inside and internal walls have the engraved pictures relating to ancient age. Constructed in 1555 this church had been included in the list of World Cultural Heritage in 1990. According to tradition this was constructed by two persons "Burma" and "Poslinik Bakolo" The order of construction of church was given by Ruler of Russia the Ivan -IV. This ruler was also called Ivan the Terrible. Ivan IV was the first ruler who used "Zar" for himself. According to tradition Saint Basil (1468-1552) had directed the first Zar of Russia to build a church here because there was a church on the location before. Therefore Zar Ivan ordered to construct a church. During the construction Saint Basil died and after sometimes remains of underground church were found. Impressed by this Zar Ivan not only named the church after Basil but he was buried on this site. Saint Basil was cobbler by profession and it was said that he used steal things of rich person and divided among the poor.When he went to Zar Ivan for directing the construction of the church he was with naked body but he had hidden his body with iron chains. Zar was impressed by him and ordered for the building of church. It is interesting to note that Zar Ivan had made all the those persons blind who took part in constructing the church so that no other church be built like this. So this is one of its kind in the whole country.
*--- Bargos Cathedral (Spain):-
Named after the Bargos city of Spain this church has unique status due to a vast area and Gothic architectural design. Dedicated to Bibi Mariam this was built by king Ferdinend III and after 9 years of construction worship began here. However, for 2 centuries decoration and renovation process remained continued.The front external portion is constructed in French Gothic architectural design while other parts of the church have prominently German Gothic Design. The minarets are 85 feet high. Having artistic beauty and masterpiece of design the Bargos Cathdreal was enlisted World Cultural Heritage in 1984 by United Nations.

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