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Friday, December 23, 2011

NATO Attack Was Not A Mistake, It Was Done Deliberately

Though the NATO attack was carried out deliberately, because near the USA , Pakistani solders or common man is equal to insects that has no value, still it took months to only admit the mistake. That was only because USA's NATO supply has been blocked and its NATO forces are in trouble. On other side, Pakistanis took sigh of relief as there are no bomb blasts and no suicide bombing. Common people love thrie own and lives of other Pakistani brothers not the USA. USA is the only beloved of Pakistani leaders. Pakistanis do not like dollars but they need only a slice of bread to exist on the surface of earth, other wise leaders have left no stone unturned to force them to commit suicides. This was the best decision of Pakistan army and it must be continued. NATO supply must not be restored and t roller drivers be provide other source of earnings. USA has neither apologized for the mistake not it will do in future.
America has finally confessed to its "mistake" in the NATO attack on a Pakistani border post in Mohmand, it was reported.
According to a statement issued by White House, the unprovoked attack that killed around 24 of Pakistani troops was a tactical error ("not the mistake of the attackers").
US was focusing on learning from its mistakes in the wake of the finding of the probe, the White House spokesperson said. It was just an experiment and experiment is not concluded with out replicating it.
The statement also stressed on measures to avoid such incidents down the line.
President Barack Obama has also been briefed on the probe report.

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