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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Speediest Fiber Optical Cable Of Britain

The south western part of the Britain is called "Cornwall". As this territory is cut off from British land so, here different culture and traditions thrived that is called "Carnish". The people linked to this civilization have different living and different language as well. They like simple and natural living. Therefore, these people did not adapt ant modern technology including Internet. In Cornwall, hardly 10-20 % of the people use Internet.
But, in the land of pastures and long coastal strips, an important British undersea center of fiber optical cable ( OALC-4 SPPD )is located. The actual location of the center at the Carnish coast has been kept secret due to the risk of any terrorist activity. The center on other side of the cable is located at some secret place of American State New York.
This is all due to OALC-4 SPPD that 90 % of the Internet traffic between Britain and the the USA runs.
London and New York are the two busiest locations in the Internet World. Therefore, 9 underwater cables connect them, however the above mention wire is the latest and best one and is 9000 miles long. It is so powerful that if 8 cables get faulty only this wire can send data to and from. Plastic covers the wires it looks like a pipe for irrigating the plants. But in it 8 wires each minuter than hair make one wire under plastic covering. This collective wire is so strong that it can provides Internet facility to 200 million users.Through this wire 3.2 tetra bite (3200 GB) data are possible to transmit and so quickly that it reaches to other end with in 0.00036 seconds after traveling 3800 miles distance. Average broad band speed is 3.6 MB in Britain, so the speed of wire is thousand timers higher than it. During the twentieth century data had been transmitted through copper wires, but , now it is done by fiber optical cables. This wire is made of glass and is extremely minute.
Data are transmitted through laser machine. Regarding OALC-4 one machine has been installed in London and second in New York.
Through copper wire 1.5 Mb data were possible to send. Now if a British wants to transmit complete Encyclopedia Britannica to the USA he can do it within less than one second.

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