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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memo Is Not A Piece Of Paper As Federation Says---Chief Justice

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, while hearing the memo scandal case, in his remarks said, “Pakistanis are a living nation, they do not tolerate the matters written in the memo, federation considers it only a piece of paper, then why was such a key-meeting held in the prime minister house, why was the resignation taken from Haqqani and why did the prime minister order an investigations?”
Submitting the replies on behalf of the federation, Attorney General said that a meeting relating to the memo issue was held on November 22 at the prime minister house where Haqqani gave his resignation, which was approved the very next day and thereby a notification was issued. Haqqani had offered to resign earlier also, he said.
Attorney General further said that the prime minister had ordered for an investigation into the memo scandal on November 22.
Chief Justice asked when the federation calls the memo a mere piece of paper, but on this piece of paper a meeting of the president, prime minister and army chief was held and the prime minister ordered an investigation.
Why was the resignation taken from Haqqani, chief justice enquired.
Chief Justice said both the accuser and those falling within the purview of this accusation want investigations.
Mansoor Ijaz is still firm on his stance and he has provided Black Berry’s photographs in his reply.
The entire nation stands united on making no compromise relating to the country’s security, integrity, sovereignty and independence.

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