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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Underground Cells Of Capuchin (Sessile) Italy

The under ground zigzag and complicated cells in the island of Sessile (Italy) are the masterpieces of nature. Capuchin are actually the special monkeys found in the USA. Capuchain is also a groups of priests who wear oval caps. There are a lot of mummies preserved in many countries, but the mummies in the underground graveyards of Sessile are horrifying. This place is called as Museum of Death. In the underground hall there are nearly 8000 preserved dead bodies that belong to 16 th century. This place looks like ghost house and dead bodies seem like getting up and sucking the blood of the person standing in front of them. These mummies have no unpleasant smell and some have still preserved fibrous muscles, hair and eyes. In 1881, government of Italy passed a law that would have discontinued the visiting of the underground mummies. However, with permission of the government a year girl Rosalia Lambardo was was burried here in 1920, she is called Sleeping Beauty. It is said that her sisters and other members of her family come to see her. Her remains are in original condition and she can be seen in a glass box like sleeping and resting quietly.
*--- Caves Of Shining Insects Of Waitomo In Otoro Hanga (Newzealand):-
These marvallous and shining caves of the world are situated in the Waikato area of the North Island of Newzea land. These caves have a special attraction for the tourists visiting the country.The network of the caves of lime stones attracts millions of tourists every year. The underground journey consisting of 250 meters exhibits stunning scenes to the visitors. The strange shining caves in the area of Cathederal Curen (accoustics) are famous world wide. Other attractive sites in the Q formations are Catacombs,Pipe Organ and Tomo that are actually deep shafts of lime stones. The Glow-Worm Grotto as is called is famous for its grandeur glittering shine of "Bioluminescence".Females omit this light to attract males when their pupa is in the final stage of nourishment. If the nature had not arranged glittering beauty here and the people would have not seen it the caves would have been dark and black. The world people came to know later but Mori people used to know about these cave centuries ago. But, European discovered them during the the beginning of nineteenth century. It was opened to the tourists during 1911.

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