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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Policy Magazine Enlists Great Persons Of 2011

*--- Tayyab Urdgan and Ahmad Daud Oghlo Of Turkey:--
The prime minister and foreign minister of Turkey used to show and tell the world through out the year that Turkey has become a world power. Turkish government was the first government that asked Hosne Mubarak to leave the power. Similarly, Tayyab confronted with Israel and favored the Syrian protesters. Turkey has greater influence in the Islamic World and is also intervening in the Middle East matters.
*---- Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Doressi:-
There is only one 27 years young man in the world who can claim to establish a company that has billion dollars assets, brought about technological revolution and helped in bringing real revolution in the world. Yes, the Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg has 800 million users and this site has become a super power regarding power and influence.
During 2011 and specially in the world politics Facebook participated actively. Protestors in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya Syria and Yemen maintained contact with each other and planned against the dictators through this social website. They also got help from another social network site "Twitter" that was founded by American young man Jack Dorosee in 2006. Jack wants that his site must play its active role in the world politics to dig out the truth. These network sites have actually brought revolution in the thinkings and ideas of our daily lives.
*--- Shery Rahman (Pakistan):-
Journalist and Ambassador to United States wants secularism in the country. She wanted amendments in some religious laws for which she was threatened. She said that inspite of all the risks i will continue to fight against extremism. Best idea she has to talk to every one even to enemies. Worst idea she thinks is aid with out trade. She is on 47 number on the list of Policy Magazine.
*-- Maria Bashir (Afghanistan):-
Forty-one years old lawyer is trying for the rule of law not the rule of men. She think that then the women can get equal rights to men. However, in the male dominant society rising the voice for women right is not easy, therefore she was attacked several times.

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