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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sixty Percent Of The Egyptians Want Islamic Laws Based On Quran And Sunna

According to Pure Research Center, in an opinion survey majority of the Egyptians are in favor of Islamic Laws and they want the punishment for a womanizer to a thief in the light of Quran and Sunna. The Pure research REport further says that 785 $ of the Egyptians have positive opinion about the Ekhwan ul Muslameen.
During the last election under Hosn e Mubarak regime the independent candidates of the Ekhwan had won 22 % of the seats in the parliament, ispite of several restrictions. So the success of the Ekhwan was obvious.
The Ekhwan's own sources were expecting 30 % of votes in the recently held election. Freedom and Justice party of Ekhwan ul Muslameen's candidates contested on collectively, on 50 % of the seats. Two months ago Arab Newspaper Alsharq ul Ausat held a opinion pool of the Egyptians, in this survey 35 % people favored while 21 % opposed Ekhwans. In another report Ekhwan's favor was 38 %. In the Brookings Doha Centre report it was said that Ekhwans will get 35 to 50 $ votes.
The long queues and enthusiasm of the voters as well high turn out of the voters was favoring Ekhwans. The turn was so high that polling duration was extended for two hours more. According to some estimates the turn out was 70 % while it was noticed during the last hours turn out reached to 80 %. Experts say that the seeing the rush of the voters at the polling stations those who boycotted the election were stunned. On other hand Ekhwans took benefits of being older party than others that were newly constituted. Ekhwans were the target of state violence while secular parties had enough time to struggle for democracy but they remained silent during dictatorial regime.
The people outside the polling stations said that they did not knew any other party except Ekhwan ul Muslameen. American and other political analysts say that Ekhwans so much organized that can motivate their workers with full confidence while liberal parties are weaker in this regard. There was a set up seen in this election too that analysts were considering the secular party Wafd to be on second position and Salfi's party "Alnoor" be on third, but, Salfi's were second after Ekhwans.
Now the question arises whether Ekhwans and Alnoor will mainatain their present position and popularity or not. The month of January will decide and actual political map will be clear after the next phase of elections that who is going to rule the Egyptian people.

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