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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pak Army Chief Termed Memegate A Reality And Conspiracy Against Army And National Security

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in his reply to the Supreme Court stated that the memo was a reality and a conspiracy was being hatched against the army and national security, it was reported reported.
In the reply General Kayani writes that the Financial Times published Mansoor Ijaz’s story about the memo on October 10.
COAS Kayani was informed about DG ISI General Pasha’s meeting with Mansoor Ijaz on October 24 and Pasha was of the opinion that there was enough evidence to validate the authenticity of the memo.
The DG ISI said there was evidence which illustrated that Ijaz was in touch with Hussain Haqqani between May 9-11 and that they exchanged text messages and phone calls.
Kayani says on October 28 the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry and Presidency denied the memo in separate statements.
Admiral Mike Mullen through his spokesperson first denied receiving the memo on November 8 but a few days later confirmed its receipt.
The reply goes on to state that on November 13, during a meeting with Prime Minister Gilani, I (Kayani) advised that those points of the memo which were leaked were very sensitive and that a decision had to be made on its being real or not.
According to the reply Kayani strongly insisted that the Prime Minister summon Haqqani so he can brief the country’s leadership about this matter.
Kayani told the prime minister that time was limited and the sooner we found out the facts the better it would be.
On November 15, Kayani said he was called by the President for a meeting and met him at two in the afternoon.
According to Kayani the prime minister had already informed the president about his recommendations. President Zardari informed Kayani that the decision to summon Haqqani had already been made.
On November 21, US General James Jones confirmed that he had taken the memo to Mullen.
Kayani said that he was part of a meeting which also included the prime minister, president and DG ISI on November 22.
It was during this meeting that Haqqani briefed all of them and Prime Minister Gilani asked for Haqqani’s resignation and ordered an investigation.
Towards the end Kayani writes that there was enough evidence validating the memo and there should be full review to evaluate the circumstance and facts behind it.
General Kayani said that the memo tried to decrease the morale of the Pakistan Army but was unsuccessful in doing so.

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