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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Governments Are Afraid Of The Power Of Internet

Today Internet is an essential part of the social life of 2 billion people in the world. All these people are educated and sensible. Interesting thing is that Internet is neither under the administration of any government nor any institution makes it run. According to the experts this freedom and in dependency is the basic distinction and key to the success of Internet.
Due to the freedom of Internet two two aspects came into sight. Firstly, due to Internet new ideas and inventions came in the forefront of the developed , under developed and each part of the countries that criticized the Internet. New doors have been opened for new contacts and business. Thus, Internet added additional 10 % to the GDP of the rich countries, particularly. Secondly, due to being independent Internet is free of censorship restrictions. So the Internet user can read every kind of ideas and thinkings.
The Internet has made the circle of human thinking unlimited. Today 2 billion people contact each other or discuss different ideas about every thing taking from religions to politics. Several times it was said that Internet will crash soon but this never happened and thousands of user join the world of Internet and become the part of it.
But governments do not like the freedom of Internet, therefore, the governments of the USA, China, India and Brazil have demanded the United
Nations to constitute an international institution that would organize the working of the Internet. Actually, the power of mutual contact that Internet has bestowed to the common people has made the government specially the dictatorial regimes afraid of Internet.
The power of Internet was observed due the revolutionary movements in the Arab world that gathered the dispersed strength of the people though social network websites. Similarly, the Wall street protest movement was also diverted world wide attention through Internet.
Experts and intellectuals have warned the government not to ban or restrict Internet because it is basically a forum of the masses.

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