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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Article 47 Of The Pakistan Constitution Regarding President's Health

A much talked and discussed topic now a days in the capital is the article 47 about the mental or physical health of president. The clause 1 of the article 47 says the ousting of president from the office due to physical or mental health reasons can be decided by the medical board. But article does not clarifies that what and how will be the procedure of constitution of a medical board. However, the procedure for president's ousting or if he is made is made accountable, is given in the article. According to this half members of one of the houses can move the resolution and joint session of the parliament will be called to discuss this move.
On other side, president said he was aware of the talks in the capital. He said he was quite well and doctors were still not allowing him to go home. He said how the article 47 will be implemented whereas he was healthy. How and who will constitute the medical board, if article 47 was implemented forcibly, he will not acknowledge it. He was talking to a senior journalist of Pakistan in a pleasant mood.

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